“The Right Thing to Do at the Time”

Your Task:

Read all the questions below.

Pick one question to answer.

Restate the question.

Answer the question.  ( minimum of five sentences)

1.    How might prejudice lead to injustice?

2.    Do we, as individuals, have a responsibility to protect the innocent?

3.   Why do people fear what they don’t understand?

4.   How might appearances not always reflect reality?

5.   What is moral courage?

6.   What are the characteristics of courage?

7.   What things are important in life?

8.   What causes prejudice and how can it be avoided?

 Assignment Due: before 2:36 P.M. on Thurs. 2/12/09

What is a “Dense Question”?

Text Question

ex:  Who is the narrator of the story? (obvious questions about the text)

Self Question

ex:  Have you ever felt fed up with everything and just wanted to take off, get away on your own? (relate reading to own lives)

World/Other Literature Question

ex:  What other character –in a book or a movie–would you compare the main character to? (relate this test to some other text)

“Dense Question” (combine all three)

ex:  Why does Holden feel alienated and how is that related to what many of today’s teens feel?  Include in your answer a discussion of the extent to which you do or don’t share these same feelings and why.